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New Here

If you visit the center for the first time, you are most welcome to attend without any donation. If you would like to continue attending the program and activities, you have the option of signing up for a monthly membership or pay/donate for each class as you go. We also have a loyalty card for 10 visits which you can also use for friends and family. The loyalty card presents an opportunity to attend any of our weekly classes at a reduced price (including yoga).


Although the Dharma is free, we need to cover the running costs in order to keep offering teachings. The running costs include rental of the teaching hall, transport, accommodation and food for visiting teachers, a modest stipend to support them, printing of Dharma texts and many other various costs.


Each event is the fruit of previous donations and the continuous effort of our volunteers who help host teachers and events. As such, your generosity contributes directly towards creating the causes to receive teachings in the future.

How much

does it cost?

The general price for an evening class is DKK 100 (or DKK 80 reduced price for students, unemployed and retired). The price for a full weekend is DKK 950 (or DKK 750 reduced price). The loyalty card is DKK 900 (or DKK 720 reduced price) and gives you access to 10 weekdays sessions, including teachings, meditation, yoga and community events. We accept both cash and mobile pay.

Being unable to donate shouldn't prevent you from attending a class. Students who have financial difficulties are encouraged to attend the teachings and are welcome to contribute by helping out in practical ways, such as preparations before or small tasks after the teachings. Speak to our volunteer coordinator if this is of interest to you.

What do I wear?

It is traditional to remove your hat and shoes when entering the meditation hall. If you need to wear shoes for medical reasons it is perfectly OK to keep them on. Please remember to bring warm socks in winter! 
Out of respect to monks and nuns, we ask you to follow the ‘neck-to-knee’ principle. This means in summer being mindful not to wear shorts, and avoiding strappy singlets. No sleeves is fine, but try to have the shoulders covered. If in doubt, bring a light sarong or scarf. We have blankets to put around your legs or shoulders if you find it a bit chilly, and you can also use these to cover your knees for modesty purposes. 

What should I bring?

You might want to bring a notepad and pen. 

Some classes use prayer books. As a sign of respect, we ask you to please place any printed materials and books on a table or a piece of cloth and not directly on the floor, so that we can preserve them for as long as possible. Some printouts are used for multiple teachings, so please check with the volunteers if you would like to bring a text back home with you.  

If it’s winter, bring along thick socks, as we take our shoes off in the meditation hall. Depending on how easily you get cold, you may also want to bring a light shawl.  

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