A place for Tibetan Buddhist practice and study in the heart of Copenhagen.


Class schedule September- December 2017


18.00 – 19.00 Meditation

A guided practice of meditation, beginning with relaxation, and moving into meditation on the breath, to experience greater clarity, mindfulness, and mental calm. Suitable for beginners and more experienced students.

19.30 – 20.30 Dharma talk

These talks, which are suitable for those new to Buddhism, as well as those with more experience, will focus on some of the 16 Guidelines. The 16 Guidelines are a set of attitudes and practices which can help us to have greater happiness, health, and well-being, and relate better with others and the world.

12 Sept. Contentment & Delight

19 Sept. Kindness

26 Sept. Honesty & Generosity

3 Oct. Right Speech

10 Oct. Forgiveness


19.00 – 21.00 –Teachings on Emptiness

In these talks, we will be exploring the topic of emptiness. This is one of the most profound and challenging topics in Buddhism, however it is said that any effort we make to learn, think about, and meditate on emptiness is very beneficial, because it will lead eventually to complete freedom from suffering and to the full enlightenment of Buddhahood. It is recommended that those who attend this class have some basic understanding of Buddhist philosophy and practice.

The classes on Thursday will be taking place only on the following dates: 14 Sept, 21 Sept, 28 Sept

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Basic Program

16-17 September 2017

7-8 October 2017

In these weekends we will continue our study of Lama Tsong Khapa’s Middle-Length Lam Rim, which began in January this year. In these two weekends, we will focus on the medium-scope section of the Lam Rim, which explains in detail the Four Noble Truths: suffering, its causes, its cessation, and the path the leads to freedom from suffering and its causes.

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