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Become a member

[vc_column_text]Membership is for those who regularly come to the center and/or for those who wish to support it. By becoming a member, you help to ensure the center’s functioning, benefiting many people and creating more causes for happiness.

Because of legal requirements, membership is also required to attend Tuesday and Thursday classes (with the exception of your first time in the center, which is for free). See more about the payment structure for classes here.

Membership is valid for the calendar year and must be renewed annually with one of the below options. Memberships purchased in October or later are also valid for the following year.


Becoming a member

You can become a member in one of the following ways:

1. Purchase a 5 or 10 class card, get membership for free.

By purchasing a 5 or 10 class card, you receive membership without any extra charge (otherwise annual membership costs 250 kr.). If you plan to attend classes in the center from time to time, this option is the cheapest way of obtaining the membership. See more about the payment structure for classes here. You can get the 5 or 10 class cards at the entrance.

2. Make a single payment of 250 kr. (with the note ‘Membership’)

a. Sign up and pay the annual membership fee of 250 kr. at the entrance when attending a class (You can pay in cash or with Mobile Pay)

b. Danish bank transfer to 1551 0009945024 or Mobile Pay at: 23 69 55 04 (with the note ‘Membership’)

b. Paypal      

c. International bank transfer (with the note ‘Membership’)

If you don’t have a Danish bank account you can also pay with International Bank Transfer using the following information:
• Address of Center: Center for Visdom og Medfølelse, Nybrogade 26A, 1., 1203 Copenhagen K
• Name of bank: Danske Bank
• IBAN no.: DK1030000009945024

If you use option 2, please also email membership-cvm@fpmt.dk with your name, phone number and email address, so we are sure to have your details. If you are below 18 years of age, please indicate this as well (it is a legal requirement that we need to register which members are under 18 years of age (umyndige)).

Benefits of membership

Members get the following benefits:

Library: you can freely borrow books from the center library – just take the book you want to borrow and register your name in the book registration box. You can borrow books for 2 months.

General assembly: attend the yearly general assembly and participate in the discussions about the future of the center, the election of board and much more – with the right to vote.

Discounts on some retreats and courses 

Big thanks for your support!