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APRIL 23RD AT 18:00 – 20:00

The annual General Meeting of the center will be held Sunday 23rd of April 2017 from 18.00 to 20.00 in the center. The General Meeting is for all members of the center.

The General Meeting is a good opportunity to get an overview of what is happening and has happened in the center during the last year, both in terms of activities and finances. This is also the place where you can influence the development and management of the center by participating in the election of the board and by making suggestions to the board.

This general meeting will be particularly deciding upon the future of the center as we will discuss whether to resign from our current place and find a new and cheaper place.


  • Motivation and refuge
  • Designation of meeting conductor and minute taker
  • Annual report presented by the board
  • Presentation and approval of the financial report for 2016
  • Presentation of the budget for 2017
  • Discussion about resignation and future plan
  • Amendment of the by-laws
  • Other proposals by the board and members
  • Election of the board
  • Election of internal auditors
  • Setting the membership fee
  • Any other business
  • Dedication


Further introduction to the various points

 Points other than described below will be explained at the meeting and the below points will be elaborated upon at the meeting.

 Ad. 6.: Discussion about resignation and future plan

The center’s economy is seriously strained and we are currently running with a significant monthly deficit. Various initiatives have been taken to bring down this deficit which have succeeded to some degree, but the deficit is still around 10.000 kr. a month, which is financially unsustainable.

One of the main expenses is the rent and it seems that we could get a smaller and cheaper place and still be able to accommodate the number of students who currently attend classes. The board proposes that we resign from our current location and move out by end of July (we have 3 months resignation notice). At the meeting, we will discuss the potential resignation and the future plan in terms of location and space.

Ad. 7: Amendment of by-laws

The board proposes a number of amendments to the by-laws. Please see the comments in the by-laws for explanation of the various changes. It will also be explained and discussed during the meeting.

Ad. 8: Other proposals by the board and members

All members can make suggestions to be discussed in the general meeting. You need to notify us about proposals for discussions in advance by email to chairman-cvm@fpmt.dk. Please send suggestions for discussions on Wednesday April 19th at latest. This allows us to set aside time for these discussions in the planning of the meeting.

Ad. 9: Election of the board

An amendment in the by-laws have been suggested to change the number of board members from the current 7 to 5 (ref. ad. 7), in order to ensure efficiency in the board and as we want to allow the board to adopt a more overall and strategic role. Provided that this amendment to the by-laws is passed under ad. 7, the board will consist of five persons.

All members can submit their candidacy for the board. If you wish to submit your candidacy, please call Mikkel at 60 61 65 39 or email at chairman-cvm@fpmt.dk to learn more about the requirements for board members. Formal candidatures need to be received by Wednesday, April 19th at latest.
We look forward to seeing you at the General Meeting!

Kindest regards,
The Board

Read the new rules (vedtægter) her



April 23


18:00 - 20:00


Center for Visdom & Medfølelse
Nybrogade 26 A
Copenhagen, 1203 Denmark



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